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Alice Qigong

What is Alice Qigong?

The basic description of Qigong (pronounced Chee Gong) is derived from combining two Chinese characters. The first character "Qi" means literally air or the flowing material energy that exists in everything and permeates the universe. The closest English translation would be "Bio Energy". The second character "Gong" means the method and practice as well as the power and result gained by practicing it.

But Qigong is much more complex and interesting than that. The sage Laozi said there are 4 types of Qi:

  1. Essence
  2. Qi
  3. Mind and Spirit
  4. Void

Laozi said Essence converts to Qi, Qi converts to Spirit, Spirit coverts to Void, and Void joins with Dao.

Although we cover all of these areas, "Alice Qigong" focuses on the medical Qi area. Alice Qigong is based on Ancient Chinese medicine to understand human body Qi and how it influences the body and mind.

Where does this Qi come from?

  1. Air through the lungs (Kong Qi)
  2. Food (Ku Qi)
  3. Pre-natal essence (Jing Qi)

Ancient Chinese culture believes that these 3 Qi processes combine to give the human body its life force:

  • The Kong Qi (or Universe Energy) comes from the lungs and pores and, by Qigong exercises and meditation, it joins the whole body.
  • The Ku Qi (Food Energy) comes from food and drink, and is processed through the stomach and spleen to join the whole body.
  • The Jing Qi (Original Energy) is your original essence from your parents, and is stored in the kidneys and circulates in your whole body through the meridian channels.

All these 3 Qi groups combine to give you "Vital Energy" or Yuan Qi. Alice Qigong focuses on this group of Qi.

By doing Alice Qigong, you will enhance and strengthen this Qi by Qigong exercises and meditation. And combining with food therapy and herbs, it will lead you to maximize your potential.

Alice Qigong follows the Ancient Chinese Medicine philosophy to use the Qi gained from doing the exercises and meditation to combine and manipulate the Yuan Qi to regulate the internal organs and allow the body to function to its potential.

Alice Qigong mixes exercises and meditation with self-applied acupressure to maintain general health and avoid illness.

Alice Qigong leads the Qi to go through the channels to make your internal healing system balance your body.