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Qigong Acupressure

The traditional Chinese treatment of Qigong acupressure has been proven to be a highly effective treatment for many heath ailments and has been used in China for thousands of years.

It is based on the same principles as acupuncture except, instead of using needles, the practitioner uses their fingers to apply pressure on the acupoints, which allows the Qi to flow through the meridian channels and clear the blockages. When Qi channels are unblocked, they adjust your internal organs and your body will come back into balance.

The ancient Chinese culture believes the human body has its own Super healing system. That means you have your own doctor inside you.

In Chinese Yin Yang philosophy, Zhong or Middle is harmony, and Zhong in the body is when it is balanced. In simple terms, the internal organs are not too hot or too cold.

Why is it said that Qigong acupressure is much more powerful and effective than normal acupressure or acupuncture?

In Qigong acupressure, we use the foundation of Chinese medicine philosophy to regulate all the internal organs, blood and Qi flow in the body. The human body requires blood and Qi as a pair of Yin Yang to nourish the internal organs, bone and flesh.

The traditional Chinese culture is based on Yin & Yang and the five elements - Fire, Wood, Water, Earth and Metal. The five elements in the functioning of the human body are as follows:

Element Colour

Relates to the Heart and Small Intestine Red
Relates to the Liver and Gall Bladder Green
Relates to the Kidney and Bladder Blue Black
Relates to the Stomach and Spleen Yellow
Relates to the Lung and Large Intestine White

When doing Qigong acupressure, we use Three powers to get the maximum result. After we diagnose the client to see what area needs to be focused on and which organs to nourish:

  1. We then apply pressure on the relevant acupoints.
  2. The practitioner will also use their Qi power to focus on the same area.
  3. The client will also be involved to focus their Qi on the same area.

The resulting effect is three energies all directed to the particular area, creating a much more powerful force to move the blockages in the meridian channels, and therefore nourishing the internal organs back to a balanced state.

As physical and non-physical are a pair of Yin Yang, the resulting treatment does not treat just the physical body but also calms the mind and puts the client in a more peaceful state, so decision-making is more acute and stress levels are decreased.

When the practitioner applies pressure to the acupoints, the resulting action is that Qi and blood will be released to regulate the internal organs and, as the Qi and blood nourish the organs, the body's natural healing system will be activated, thus removing the aches and pains and putting the body back into its natural balanced state.

What can the client expect to feel?

When pressure is applied on the acupoints, the client can feel the point releasing and will quite often feel tingling in their hands and feet as the Qi is moving down the meridian channels.

With qigong acupressure treatment, people also often see the colours of the organs. For example, the Lung is white colour, and when pressing on the lung points people often see white colour. If the lung is hot, people see a pink/red colour, and after the acupoint has been pressed, people see the lung turn back to the white colour.

After the treatment, the client should feel much more comfortable, with reduced pain and discomfort. The mind will be more calm, breathing will be easier, and people may have a floating sensation, as all the Qi is moving through and raising up the energy levels in the body.

Qigong acupressure is a safe and natural treatment, which is good for most complaints, both physical and non-physical, including Neck, Shoulder, Back pain, Stress, OOS, Depression, and many other common complaints.