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Flower What we do?

Unlike western medicine, where the focus is on treating illness, we look to prevent illness by catching it early. If illness is already present, we then try to find out the causes and create the environment to seize and decrease them to achieve health again.

Our main methods of approach to health are Food-Herb formulas, Health consultation, Qigong Healing and Qigong Acupressure.

The Way of Nature's motto is "Earlier further".

In the Medical classic of the Yellow emperor stated:
"A wise healer heals illness before it is formed" otherwise "Old illness haven't gone, new illness already formed".

If you start to heal yourself when illness comes it is like digging a well when you are thirsty or making weapons when your enemy is attacking you.

"If humans follow the seasons and climate, know the right method, eating and sleeping properly, not overworking then they can achieve longevity".

"If China's economic growth has been viewed as a great world treasure, then the ancient Chinese culture is the diamond on top of the crown".

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